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More Than Just a Dealership: Advantage Toyota of River Oaks

Advantage Toyota of River Oaks near Chicago, IL is more than just a dealership, especially around this time of year. Our community is everything to us, and it brings us joy to give back to the local charities every year. Over the years, our team participated in a number of events that have brought smiles to many faces. If you need assistance with directions or want more details about our involvement, please reach out to us by calling 708-862-0700 or contacting us online.


Christmas Toy Drive

For the past couple of years, the Advantage Toyota of River Oaks team has participated in collecting and distributing toys to those less fortunate. We want to spread the holiday cheer as far as we can, so we’re working to ensure over 200 families receive toys every year.


Coat, Shoes, & Boots Drive

Because of severe Chicagoland winters, the team at Advantage Toyota of River Oaks collects and distributes coats, shoes, and boots to those in need. We know that many can struggle to stay warm and want to distribute some extra warmth during the holiday season. We’re hoping to help over 200 families this year prepare for the winter with brand new coats, shoes, and boots

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Back to School

Advantage Toyota of River Oaks knows the importance of an education and wants to make sure that every child has an ample opportunity to learn with the right materials. Our team knows that school supplies can be expensive, so we collect school supplies in order to assist families in need of some extra tools for the school year.

High School Mock Interviews

The perfect interview is what can help you nail a job down the line, so the team at Advantage Toyota of River Oaks assists high school students in the area with mock interviews. By teaching students the proper ways to conduct themselves in an interview, you can define the line between just missing the position and scoring the job.

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Pandemic Food Drive

This year is difficult for everyone, but Advantage Toyota of River Oaks wants to take time to assist those struggling to put food on the table. We boxed food for over 500 families in the community in order to help those who need it the most during the pandemic.

Business to Business Networking Events

Staying involved within the community is important to the team at Advantage Toyota of River Oaks. We want to get to know each other, so we host business to business networking events that help you meet like minded individuals and promote your business. Plenty of opportunities arise when you work with those around you, plus it’s advantageous to know other businesses supporting the community.


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